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Georgetown Ministry Center Georgetown Ministry Center
April 1, 2011

We ran into a guy in Washington Circle who is homeless and who we have known for years. There was something different about him and he was quick to point it out before we asked. New choppers! Then he told the story.

He got to know a lady in Georgetown. She was an accountant for a well known landmark here, I’ll say no more. They got to know each other in passing. “I would take care of things for her, sometimes, she would take care of things for me.”

She left her job and he didn’t see her for a while. One day he ran into her and they chatted. She asked, “what do you want for Christmas?”

He thought about it. “Do you really want to know?”


“I would like a new set of teeth.” Apparently she didn’t hesitate,

“Will you go to the appointment if I make it?


Kindness of Strangers.

Categories: Success Stories

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