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Georgetown Ministry Center Georgetown Ministry Center
April 19, 2012

Recently, we’ve been posting about all of the colleges and college groups that have been involved with GMC. College students aren’t the only ones who care, though. Last Thursday, a group of students from Sidwell Friends School came to do street outreach with GMC.

They brought with them not only tons of energy and enthusiasm, but also probably the best bagged lunches we’ve seen to date: turkey and cheese sandwiches, an apple, baby carrots and bell pepper slices, a bag of pretzels, a bag of cookies, and a juice box. WOW! That’s a lot of food crammed into a brown paper lunch bag.

After doing outreach with us, they reflected on their experience:

Coming to Georgetown Ministry Center, we have had many eye-opening experiences.  We have learned so much about the causes of homelessness, as well as the day-to-day reality of those who live on the street.  We now know that many homeless people suffer from mental illnesses, and that many even have families who care about them, but aren’t able to take care of them.  It made us happy to see how much the people we met appreciated the lunches we made for them, and we enjoyed talking to them and hearing their stories.  We also realized that sometimes homeless people can feel ignored and invisible, and that just making contact can brighten their day.  We love coming to Georgetown Ministry Center, and we hope to come again soon!

Thank you, Sidwell Friends, and we hope to see you again soon!

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