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Georgetown Ministry Center Georgetown Ministry Center
January 10, 2014

Brrrrr! We hope you all stayed warm this week as the polar vortex made us all shiver and bundle up. Hopefully, most of you were able to stay indoors and stay warm.

Many of the homeless population we see at GMC usually stay away from shelters, but for many, it was simply too cold this week. After the first night or two of braving it in the elements, some finally caved and went to hypothermia shelters. Of course, GMC was open all day, every day with an endless supply of hot coffee and sandwiches for our guests.

For those who braved the weather despite the sub-zero temperatures, DC was really proactive and had warming buses throughout the city where the homeless could go, sit, and warm up for a little while throughout the night. During the day, homeless outreach teams also braved the cold– and Georgetown Ministry Center was no exception!

Roy outreach

On Tuesday, Communications Director Stephanie and Program Coordinator Amie were out on the street for nearly two and a half hours, passing out blankets and granola bars with Craig Keller from the Department of Behavioral Health’s Homeless Outreach Team. They didn’t think they were going to see anybody, but they still saw several people who were thankful for the blankets.

On Thursday, Dr. Catherine Crosland came to see patients at GMC and afterwards did street outreach for a few hours with Gunther and Amie. They checked up on people for signs of hypothermia and to see if they were doing okay.

The temperature this weekend is supposed to be a balmy 60 degrees, but though it may be warm, the weather is still dangerous since it’s also supposed to rain. And with the mercury bouncing up and down like this, it’s difficult for people to know how to dress from one day to the next.

Thank you to everyone who has helped by donating socks, hats, gloves, and scarves, as well as to all of our volunteers and sandwich donors! We appreciate all of your efforts and dedication to our mission.

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