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Georgetown Ministry Center Georgetown Ministry Center
November 9, 2016

This morning, we all awoke to the news that the nation has elected Donald Trump as our next president. This has been the most contentious and divisive election in most people’s memories. Over the last two years, we at GMC have seen so much progress in meeting the needs of the population we serve. Now, let’s come together and make sure the people GMC supports are not forgotten.

Here are some suggestions we have for our next president:

  • One of the reasons there has been so much progress is that housing has been a priority for both the federal and local government. Since the summer of 2015, with the commitment of federal resources, 30 of our guests have moved into permanent housing, with 10 more guests “at the door” of housing and 8 guests whose journey to housing is in progress. Let’s continue this commitment.
  • Many of our guests struggle with chronic, severe mental health issues. This summer, the House of Representatives passed the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act with bipartisan support. Let’s keep moving forward on mental health policy.
  • Many of our guests also have a variety of other sorts of disabling conditions, including developmental and neurological disabilities. We hope the new president will prioritize their needs as well.
  • Many of our guests suffer needlessly because of barriers to treatment in cases of severe mental illness. We at GMC embrace the recommendations of the Treatment Advocacy Center for fixing our mental health care system so it better serves those members of our society who are marginalized by profound brain disorders.

We hope Mr. Trump, with his many policy priorities, does not forget the people who most need our help: those who live on the street and who depend on the rest of society for care and support.

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