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The Spirit of Georgetown

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The Spirit of Georgetown Benefit is a community effort that raises the greatest share of funding for GMC’s annual operating budget – all staffing, programs, services and materials.  It is also a time to recognize those who have made notable contributions of time, talents and leadership to GMC’s work and mission.  In 2016 GMC honored Patricia Davies, who has served as a board member, president and long-time volunteer. You can view the event invitation here.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and attendees! Stay tuned for information about Spirit of Georgetown 2017.

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Date October 13, 2016
Time 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Location 1645 31st St NW, Washington, D.C., DC, United States (directions)


CORPORATE $2000+ | SPIRIT $1500+ | PATRON $1000 | HOST $500
Guest list will be held at the door.

Register By Check

Please make checks payable to Georgetown Ministry Center.

Mail to:
Georgetown Ministry Center
1041 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007

Register Today


What does the price of registration include?

It includes heavy hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and good company.

Where can I park?

You can park on the street. There’s also a public parking lot across the street from the event. If you need more info see here for the city’s public parking map.


  • Teresa and Peter Clare
  • Jean and John Lange
  • Tom Birch
  • Page and Howard Smith
  • Nancy and Alan Bubes
  • Nora L. Cameron
  • Allan Holt
  • Mimsy and Rusty Lindner
  • John D. Richardson Company
  • Georgina and Outerbridge Horsey
  • Amy and Mark Tercek
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Rutherfoord, Jr.
  • Elsa Walsh and Bob Woodward
  • Nancy and Nicholas Robert
  • Ms. Arden Batch
  • Jane and Tim Matz
  • Karen and Bill Sonneborn
  • Ellen M. Charles
  • Heidi Hatfield
  • Peter and Cherry Baumbusch
  • Charlotte Mahoney and Peter Albert
  • Robert and Marcela Robinson
  • Amelie Porter Stroh
  • Elizabeth Avery and Alex Bullock
  • Beatrice F. Van Roijen
  • Deb and Ben Johns
  • Lesley and Mike McNamara
  • Jeff and Elizabeth Powell
  • Kristen and George Lund
  • Claire and Tom Joyce
  • Amy Kauffman and Ken Weinstein
  • Bill and Catherine Burns
  • Will and Carol Cooke
  • Andrea and Jeremiah Cassidy
  • Charles and Joan Filson
  • Glenn A. Metzdorf
  • David and Margaret Dunning
  • Page Robinson
  • Richard and Lucile Huber
  • Chris and Bettina Stern
  • Nancy and Simon Sidamon-Eristoff
  • Peggy Tomlinson
  • Helen Darling and Brad Gray
  • Wiley and Janis Buchanan
  • William Dean
  • Mrs. Mary E. Weinmann
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bland Smith
  • Karen and Ron Thomas
  • Page Evans
  • Laurie R. Kusch
  • Avery Miller and Gregory Mocek
  • Susan Gschwendtner and Ray Watson
  • Colman and Richard Riddell
  • John and Liza Marshall
  • Elizabeth Krentzman and John Pasco
  • June and Jerry Libin
  • Caroline Ramsay and John Merriam
  • Jamie and Trish Peva
  • Michael Rankin and Mark Green
  • Elizabeth H. Miller and Daniel H. Sallick
  • Emily Geuder and Nick Combs
  • Mary Louise Kelly and Nicholas J. Boyle
  • Jim and Lesley Lee
  • Daniel Duff
  • Carrington and Jake Tarr
  • David Lawson
  • Bob and Megan Gabriel
  • Crawford Feagin Stone
  • Marc and Nancy Duber
  • Jocelyn Dyer and Michael Flanagan
  • Anne and Paul Gambal
  • Dr. Tina Alster and Ambassador Paul Frazer
  • Martin's Tavern
  • Janice Smart
  • Richard and Amy Zantzinger
  • Susan O. Weber
  • Mr. and Mrs. William C. Trimble
  • Deborah Winsor
  • Carl P. Leubsdorf and Susan L. Page
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berl
  • Ann Satterthwaite
  • Sara and Derek Lemke-von Ammon
  • Henry and Jessica Townsend
  • Christopher and Salli Rowe
  • Patrick and Sheila Proby Gross
  • Conner and Brad Herman
  • Rick Lawson and Melissa Hunsiker
  • Beth Corrigan
  • Catherine and Scott Marquardt
  • Belinda Winslow
  • Linda M. Formella
Special Friend
  • Judah Rose
  • Carol Seaver
  • Pietra Rivoli
  • Fran and Ankie Barnes
  • Tracy Davis and Ralph Voltmer
  • Ellen W. Martin
  • Gaile S. Jones
  • Ms. Dane A. Nichols
  • Steve Perkins

Map & Directions

The Spirit of Georgetown
1645 31st St NW, Washington, D.C., DC, United States
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