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With a small staff, Georgetown Ministry Center relies on the support of volunteers to keep our center operating at its highest potential. We are always looking for volunteers to support staff in the center, lead programming, manage our clothes closet, or help staff with administrative work.

Want to know more about volunteers?
Please contact Ashley Lane at

In the Center

Program Assistants
This is a great opportunity for those looking for a direct service volunteer opportunity. Program Assistants support the Program Coordinator by checking guests in and discovering what services they need, coordinating our Shower and Laundry Program, and lending a listening ear to guests who sometimes simply want someone to listen.

Program Assistants also help in planning and coordinating events and programs in the center (e.g. birthday parties, game day, workshops, etc.) if they are interested in doing so.

Time investment – at least one 4-hour shift/week between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm

Program Volunteers
Program Volunteers share their knowledge and skills with the guests in our center by leading workshops or groups that are either (or both!) educational and fun. Past and present programming runs the gamut from a knitting group to yoga classes to a “Know Your Rights” workshop to a counseling group.

Typically, programming lasts approximately one hour at a time, but of course depends on the nature of the program. We encourage interested volunteers to meet with staff to discuss possible ideas for programming, how to structure a workshop, etc.

Crafts Sales Coordinator
A great opportunity for anyone who is more interested in business/sales than direct service, this volunteer will help us catalogue all of the items made by our Knit & Crochet and Beading Club, photograph them, and put them our our site

This volunteer will also be responsible for marketing our site and the crafts, attending the occasional crafts fair/bazaar to sell the items, and seek out new opportunities to sell them (e.g. talking to Georgetown stores) He or she should be well-organized and able to keep track of inventory, sales, profits (including when artists have gotten compensated).

In the Shelter (November-March)

Organize a group of your friends or co-workers (6 to 8), call us and get a date when volunteers are needed. Plan on cooking for about 20 people including you and your fellow volunteers, staff and residents. The meals should include a main course, two vegetable dishes, beverages, and dessert. Plan on arriving at 6:30PM and leaving by 9PM.

Bring your sleeping bag and pillow. Hang out with the residents while the meal is being prepared. Enjoy dinner while socializing with residents and other volunteers. Assist the shelter staff-person as needed then get a relatively full night’s sleep on one of our cots. In the morning you will help the shelter staff-person prepare breakfast. Plan on arriving at 7:00 pm and leaving at 7:00 am.


Though we are not a meal program, volunteers bring sandwiches and other healthy food and to our center for our guests. For more information on how you can become part of our sandwich program, contact Ashley Lane, Program Coordinator, at or (202) 540-9957. We accept other meals as well, but are limited by space constraints and do not have a stove or oven.

Be sure to check out this guest post on our blog from one of our sandwich donors!

Thoughts from Past Volunteers

I am the editor for Georgetown Patch. As part of’s Give 5 Program, I volunteered for a day in August at the Georgetown Ministry Center. I arrived in the morning with a bag of sandwiches in hand. As I walked into the center, one of the Ministry’s clients asked if that bag meant I had brought them food. When I said yes, he said “Cool, we really appreciate it.” The morning was off to a great start.

I quickly met the friendly staff at the small center down an alley next to Grace Church off of Wisconsin Ave. Joined by a fellow “patcher” from the Germantown site, I talked with the homeless men and women who come to the center to get out of the elements, enjoy some food and company and use its resources. We helped one man navigate the online job application for a grocery story on one of the two computers at the center. We also helped do laundry for the men. The center has a sign-up list for doing laundry. We folded the towels that belong to the center and some of the extra clothing on-site. The center also has showers that are available to a limited group on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Throughout the day, I met a small portion of Georgetown’s homeless population, some down on their luck and some chronically homeless. I also gained an appreciation for the good work the center does on behalf of the entire community. I’d highly recommend volunteering for a day or offering to help by making sandwiches or donating old clothing.”

    — Shaun

Physical, mental and financial health & stability are precious and sometimes fleeting  gifts. I feel we are all just a few bad decisions (who doesn’t make their fair share of those) or emotional/financial set-backs from these folks. Working with the members of GMC leaves me in awe of human resiliency and God’s grace; which I see in each individual I know at the center.  I can say with absolute certainty & sincerity that I walk away from each visit with much more than I can ever give to these folks.

Thank you for your enthusiastic and unwavering support of my schemes and projects.  You and the members enrich my life!”

— Maggie

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