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Georgetown Ministry Center Georgetown Ministry Center
May 26, 2015

Sixth graders from Georgetown Day School visited GMC on April 8 to distribute sandwiches and learn about homelessness. Staff talked to the students about why people are homeless, what GMC does to help them, and what other ways to help exist. When they went back to school, the class reflected on what they learned and shared it with us. Read their thoughts below the picture!

Georgetown Day School 6th graders with GMC's Communications Director, Stephanie
Georgetown Day School 6th graders with GMC’s Communications Director, Stephanie

What we learned:

There are many cool things in Georgetown such as shops and food, but some people have trouble seeing the people on the street. Georgetown Ministry Center notices these homeless people and takes them in and helps them.

Georgetown Ministry Center provides a daytime shelter for homeless single adults. They provide hot showers and laundry machines. They also provide computers for people to contact their families and keep updated on current events and social media. Georgetown Ministry Center also provides an outreach program where doctors go around the community checking on the homeless community. We met doctor Michael Morse, a physiatrist, who helps people get over their addictions and helps them with their feelings and depressions.

While Georgetown Ministry Center is a daytime shelter, they also have volunteers from Georgetown University to help them with night time shifts. The volunteers are students and faculty. During the nights that are below freezing they check on the homeless to make sure they don’t have hypothermia. They also pass out hats, gloves, socks, blankets, and we have heard of situations where they have saved lives.

During the winter months of November through March, Georgetown Ministry Center invites ten people to stay at a night time shelter. They try to invite five women and five men, these people are continuously rotated between ten different churches. People are invited if they are either ready for housing, ready for a job, or in bad health.

Our Reflection:

When we walked into the building we saw a few people sitting around at tables either drinking coffee or at the computers. We made sandwiches and passed them out. It was kind of scary, but it was nice to see the smiles on their faces. The reason it was scary was because not a lot of them looked happy. It was a large change from our regular environment. Overall, we felt empowered because we took a step out of our comfort zone and helped a community. Thank you Georgetown Ministry Center and the homeless community.

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